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Biggest Issue in Bungie’s Destiny

For the moment most posts about destiny is pretty much asking the same questions like the one below,found in Bungie Forums

Anyway, what’s the deal with PVP in Destiny? I feel like I’m just doing it all wrong…every time I blink somebody gets me with a one-shot kill and it doesn’t seem to matter much what weapon they’re using, or what I’m trying to do to stay alive. None of my weapons feel anywhere near as powerful as what the other team is using. Honestly I really want to like the Destiny PvP experience, because I’ve got a sentimental attachment to Bungie and this game is lots of fun for me in PvE.

Seems quite logical to me 🙂

most answers i’ve read are pretty identical also. This one below sums it up quite good

It’s the radar. Destiny requires VERY heavy reliance on reading the radar at all times. The only time you shouldn’t be looking at the radar is when you’ve entered a firefight and need to focus on it.
Destiny PvP success is 50% radar reading, 30% weapon choice (as in choose the one that’s right for you, not the one people say is best – they just complain a lot), 20% skill. If you choose a comfortable weapon and have good skill, but don’t give the radar your full attention, you’re in for a world of disappointment.

But but…

We still have all the missing hit detection and so on to counter. Hopefully Bungie is aware and is figuring out patches for it, Below is a really great example

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