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Private Matches, Rise of Iron

Everything You Need To Know About Destiny’s Private Matches , explained by Lars Bakken with GameInformer You’ll be in control…

Rise of Iron

  This is exactly how long we need to wait for the Rise of Iron DLC   The wall that stood…

The lag with IronBanner in Destiny

  So we’re here late February and IronBanner is what we try to play for loot, fun and for the…

Destiny PvP, Current Problems?

Great Example, especially the Hunter hoping to get a kill on a Titan, with a Bladedance super. We can only…

Elimination Battle recorded among users within Destiny

Elimination Battle recorded among users within Destiny Another amazing video from Destiny thats shows a few flaws in their netcode….

Destiny Skirmish PvP Battle

Destiny Skirmish PvP, with lots of Lag problems, nothing new in that 😉  

Bungie,Lag Party in Destiny

Biggest Issue in Bungie’s Destiny For the moment most posts about destiny is pretty much asking the same questions like…

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